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Lothian Bagpipe Supplies is the premier supplier of new and used bagpipes from manufactures such as McCallum, David Naill, Peter Henderson, R.G. Hardie, John Walsh, Wallace, and the list goes on. Every bagpipe that leaves our store is fully setup and tested by Lothian's piping experts with more than 75 years of combined bagpipe experience. Your bagpipes will show up at your door ready to play. We pride ourselves on providing you an amazing, playable instrument for no additional charges or hidden fees. Your instrument, reeds, bag, cords, bag cover, and chanter are included in the listed price.


Customer Testimonials

Don Macpherson, TX, USA - March 13, 2014

For more years than I care to remember, I have been teaching Piping at Highland Park High school in Dallas. For those many years, I have steered my students to The British Shop (now Lothian Bagpipe Supplies) for equipment, specifically for what was usually their first set of pipes. I have always been very pleased with what they have received from you. Most recently, I have been teaching piping to a representative from the Mexican Embassy. Yes, the Mexican Embassy. At my recommendation, he ordered a set of pipes from Lothian Bagpipes. These arrived last week, and were a perfect setup for him as a new piper. Someone in your shop had spent a considerable amount of time setting the reeds so that the pipes were up and in perfect tune at first blow.

Many thanks for the care that you put into the equipment that we order from you.


Don Teague, MA, USA - January 23, 2014

I'm brand new to bagpiping, and the folks at Lothian have been as friendly and helpful as humanly possible to this newbie! I will most certainly shop here first for anything I may happen to need as I progress with my fantastic new instrument! Thanks guys (and girl)!


David Naill Bagpipe - DN3ES
Product ID : 2411
Walsh Bagpipe - J4
Special Order Product - Please call to order
Product ID : 2385
Special Order Product - Please call to order
Walsh Bagpipe - J2
Special Order Product - Please call to order
Product ID : 2382
Special Order Product - Please call to order
McCallum Bagpipe - AB3 Classic
Product ID : 2364
McCallum Bagpipe - AB2 Deluxe
Product ID : 2362
McCallum Bagpipe - AB1 Deluxe
Product ID : 2361
Peter Henderson Bagpipe - PH05H
Product ID : 2339
Peter Henderson Bagpipe - PH02
Product ID : 2338
Peter Henderson Bagpipe - PH00
Product ID : 2317
McCallum Bagpipe - P2 Plastic
Product ID : 2074
McCallum Bagpipe - P3 Plastic
Product ID : 2075
Peter Henderson Bagpipe - PH01
Product ID : 1995
Peter Henderson Bagpipe - PH05
Product ID : 1990
Wallace Bagpipe - Classic #1
Product ID : 2117
Wallace Bagpipe - Classic #3
Product ID : 2116
Wallace Bagpipe - Classic #4
Product ID : 2118
Wallace Bagpipe - Classic #4 (A)
Product ID : 2119
Wallace Bagpipe - Classic #4 (B)
Product ID : 2120
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